Some negligible facts about me and why it became necessary to set up another travel blog

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Feel free to join me on my tours and read about wonderful and crazy stuff I’ve experienced

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food explorations

Better than just travelling? Eating abroad! Here my best recipes, delish and easy to prepare

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Dancing on the vulcano

Backpacking Indonesia: Trekking Gunung Rinjani on Lombok island

Actually I can not remember when and why exactly I came along that crazy idea to climb up the volcano.  Read more

Maybe later …

Backpacking Indonesia: The Gili Islands

Crossing the line! First time we hop the longest latitude to check out the Southern hemisphere, destination Indonesia.

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Paris within 5 days

From: 3 generations match in Paris – a travel challenge

Now here we go with our best of Paris impressions, considering the … let me call it specifics of a cross-generational group.   Read more

Where the hell to stay in Paris?

From: 3 generations match in Paris – a travel challenge

Sometimes it’s tricky even to travel with yourself. To travel six abreast may create a situation where everything is possible: Read more

Cami de Cavalls, day 12: Cross-island drive

What are we about to do on the last day of our trekking tour around the Menorcan island?  We’ve rented a car for sure! ;)

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