Menorca: Trekking tour Cami de Cavalls (2011)

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Duration:        14 days

Tour type:       Trekking,  Horseback riding

Map:                Menorca Cami de Cavalls – GR 223, ISBN-13: 978-8-48090-422-3

Languages:     English, Spanish (Katalan)

Arrival from Barcelona (by ferry)

  • Bus from Airport Barcelona to Placa d’Espanya (Bus no. 46: 1,45 EUR;  Aerobus (not really faster): 5,60 EUR each)
  • Placa d’Espanya – Moll de Barcelona (ferry terminal):  30 min walk along Avenida Paral-lel
  • Ferry:  Balearia (, booking on Barcelona – Ciutadella, 23:59 – 09:00 overnight, 46,45 EUR each for Neptuno area (fully reclining seat), bistro and restaurant available, self-catering no problem

Day 1:  Ciutadella

  • charming small city (or big village), everything in walking distance
  • ferry terminal – city center: approx. 20 min walk
  • Tourist info: Placa de la Catedral, open Mo-Fr 8:00-15:00 and 17:00-20:30
  • Accommodation: Hostal Menurka, 35 EUR/night/double room (

Day 2: Son Saura – Cala Galdana

  • Taxi Ciutadella – Son Saura: 15 min, 18 EUR (bus no. 66 from Ciutadella not before 10:30 am, hourly)
  • Distance Son Saura – Cala Galdana: approx. 10 km
  • Difficulty: medium  (1 exhausting climb, rest is easy going)
  • Net walking time (without breaks): approx 5 h: Son Saura + 80 min: Cala des Talaier + 80 min: Cala en Turqueta + 60 min: Cala Macarellata + 20 min: Cala Macarella + 60 min: Cala Galdana
  • Catering: food and drinks at Cala Macarella (Suzys Bistro), 2 supermarkets in Cala Galdana (opening hours 9:00– 22:00 Uhr)
  • Accommodation: Apartments Desmais, 29 EUR/night/apt. (, great price-performance ratio), self catering in perfectly equipped kitchen

 Day 3: Cala Galdana – Sant Tomas – Ferreries

  • Distance Cala Galdana – Sant Tomas: approx. 11 km taking the Camí de Cavalls
  • Difficulty: easy (1 tricky climb-down to Cala Mitjana)
  • Catering: restaurants and 2 supermarkets in Cala Galdana (opening hours 9:00– 22:00 Uhr), supermarkets and bistros in Sant Tomas, various restaurants and supermarkets in Ferreries (opening hours 9:00 – 14:00 und 17:00 –21:00 Uhr, Sundays closed)
  • Bus  Sant Tomas – Ferreries: TMSA no. 71 and 72, 3 stops in Sant Tomas, driving time: 0:35 min; 1.85 EUR/person.
  • Accommodation: Apartamentos Loar, 32 EUR/night/pers. breakfast included (, functional and reasonable, self catering possible (kitchen good equipped), WiFi, laundry. Supermarket (Spar) directly around the corner.

 Day 4: Ferreries – Barranc S’Algendar – Ferreries (round trip)

  •  Distance: approx. 11 km (can be varied with a chunk of shortcuts or extensions. Make sure to have a map with you)
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Walking time:  3.5 Stunden
  • Start: Church to the cemetary, cross the road to Cala Galdana, walk on the left up the hill til you reach the farm  Son Gornesset. From here, just follow the path.
  • Self-catering

 Day 5: Ferreries – Cala Pregonda – Fornells

  • Distance Cala Pregonda – Fornells: approx. 16 km except Cap de Cavalleria
  • Net walking time: about 6 hours
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Access Cala Pregonda: Taxi from Ferreries (no busses)
  • Catering: Supermarket and restaurants in Cala Tirant, various possibilities in Fornells, supermarkets closed on Sundays!
  • Accommodation Fornells: Hostal S’Algendar, 40 EUR/night/room without breakfast (, breakfast at the hostal-run restaurant

 Day 6: Fornells – Mahón – Llucmacanes – Binibeca Vell

  •  Distance Mahon Hospital – Binibeca Vell: approx. 7 km (those who like can take a 4 km circuit via Sant Lluis)
  • Net walking time: 2.5 hours
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Access Mahón: Bus c/o Autos FORNELLS (schedules on from Fornells (behind the hostel) to Mahón main bus station; 2,85 EUR each, driving time about 75 min via Arenal and Addaia. From Mahón bus station: TMSA city bus 02 or 03 (frequently, 1,20 EUR each) to Hospital M. Orfila, there starts the path to Llucmacanes
  • Catering: various possibilities in Mahón and Binibeca Vell. Supermarkets in Binibeca, one directly at Binivell Park complex (permanent open til 8 pm)
  • Accommodation: top tip! Binivell Park; 41.00 EUR/night/apartment (, self-catering (good equipped kitchen), various restaurants and bars BUT breakfast not earlier than 9:00 am! Those who will leave early: be prepared.

Day 7: Binibeca Vell – Cala en Porter

  • Distance: 12 km + 2 km to the Necropolis de Cales Coves
  • Net walking time: Binibeca – Es Canutells (2.5 h) – Necropolis de Cales Coves (+ 2 h) – Cala en Porter (+ 30 min)
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Catering: Es Canutells: supermarket behind the huge hotel complex Mar de Menorca, no lunch break
    Cala en Porter: huge shopping center, nonstop open til 22:00, various supermarkets, restaurants and bistros
  • Accommodation: Bahia Park Apartments (42.00 EUR/Nacht/apartment), self catering (overbooked, postponed to Siesta Mar Apartments incl. breakfast at the same rate), self catering in good equipped kitchen
  • Night flight: top tip! Cova d’en Xeroi,  entrance fee: 14.00 EUR, dress code: smart casual

 Day 8: Cala en Porter – Son Bou

  •  Distance: Cala en Porter – turnout Torre d’en Gaumès (5.5 km) – Torre d’en Gaumès return (+3 km) – Cala de Llucalari (+ 2.6 km) – Son Bou (+ 1.2 km)
  • Net walking time: approx. 4.5 h + breaks
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Entrance fee Torre d’en Gaumès: 3.00 EUR pax
  • Catering: water evtl. at Torre d’en Gaumès, good shopping facilities and supermarkets in Son Bou til 21:00 Uhr nonstop
  • Accommodation: Apartamentos Son Bou Gardens (, 47.00 EUR/night/huge Apartment f. 4 pers.), self-catering in good equipped kitchen

Day 9:  Son Bou – Son Parc – Fornells

  • Arrival Son Parc: bus Son Bou – Mahón (TMSA 10:15, 25 min, 2.35 EUR each), bus Mahón – Son Parc Platja (Autos Fornells 12:40, 30 min, 2.35 EUR each)
  • Distance: ca. 9 km
  • Net walking time: approx. 3.5 h
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Catering: supermarkets and bistros in Son Parc and Fornells
  • Accommodation Fornells: Hostal S’Algendar, 40 EUR/night/room without breakfast (, breakfast at the hostal restaurant or elsewhere

Day 10: Addaia – national park Albufera des Grau – Mahón

  •  From our point of view not walkable in just one day, hence we went on horseback
  • Logistics: Menorca a Cavall, 100 EUR each incl. all transfers, catering and helmet
    Just make a contact via email or phone to ask for the schedule. Alternatively you may find other ranches near Mohón, e.g. Menorca Horse Riding. Or simply google.
  • Distance: approx. 21 km
  • Total duration: approx. 7 h incl. lunch break
  • Difficulty: demanding to walk, average on horseback (many slopes)
  • Catering: self-catering between Addaia und Es Grau
  • Accommodation Mahón: Eurohotel (, 46 EUR/room/night without breakfast. We didn’t like it so we changed the next day to Hotel San Miguel (see below)

Days 11., 12. and 13: Mahón and cross-island

  • Accommodation: top tip! Hotel St. Miguel (, 70 EUR/room/night incl. phantastic breakfast
  • Car rental: Autos Mahón Rent (, 35 EUR/24 hours
  • Return trip: Acciona (, booking on Mahon – Barcelona, 11:00 – 21:00; 61.00 EUR each, bistro and restaurant available, self-catering no problem. Make sure you have to check in your main luggage in Mahón!


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