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You prefer to travel autonomously? Somewhere between a maximum latitude, flexibility, but a certain level of safety? You embrace the particular? Places to guarantee you don’t meet bulks of compatriots at, and nobody else either? You are off the beaten thus barely recorded paths? And sometimes in a generation gap (just in terms of travelling)? Budget might be low BUT … Lodging should go with the place or situation and can be anything between ****hotel and a hammock?

If so you might find some good recs on the following pages. In order to keep it clear and informative, I’ve decided just to publish the facts and figures here. For all prosaic tour details and atmosphere, please refer to the blog posts. You may find specific information right at the beginning of each tour page.

Of course, I can’t provide a guarantee for the current availability of links, prices, and times – basically for nothing. But we did it that way, honestly! :)



Barcelona, Spain  ·  city trip  2011

Budapest, Hungary   ·   city trip 2013

Cami de Cavalls,  Menorca,  Spain   ·   trekking tour 2011

Paris, France   ·   city trip 2012





Thailand   ·   round trip, backpacking  2012


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