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Me …

I’m Yvonne, a bubbly female cosmopolitan with my home base in Germany. Mother of 2 wonderful daughters, 42 years (but hey, I still feel like I’m 28!). I attack life in 100mph and always try to make a 14 hours flight in 12. I could change the world if I wouldn’t always be that busy – but sometimes I succeed in doing it anyway. I find peace and wisdom in Buddhism, hate spiders regardless, and I’m extremely sensitive to temperature: everything below 32 °C is simply considered as being cold (-> definitely team Jacob! ;)

I’m neither a millionaire nor an expat but live a quite average life with my family, job, and cleaning my kitchen … what means I really have to work for my flight tickets!  But I’m always on the go to leave once getting the time and opportunity.

I’ve traveled independently all along, mostly backpacking. When heading for my next destination, I barely have a clue about how and where to spend the next days or weeks. Because I pretty much love the unforeseen, the unexpected. I like to drift, to let things happen.

Where exactly I’m driftin’ to and what happens (to me) there – that’s what is told on this website.


sauerkraut adventures

or: some good reason to put another travel blog into the world wide web


There was a time of travel reviews, compiled as word files and spread via email. With only few pics in order to keep the attachment thus loading times low … ;) What has begun just as a sign from abroad for family and friends spread itself out after all. It was astonishing so see who else knew about where we’ve been and what we were doing, begging to be added to the next tour mailing list directly.

For you my lovelies, and all those we’ve met (and will meet) on tour, and of course for all others who are interested in – for you all is this website, mostly the blog posts. Here you find im- and expressions related to my travels as ever.

All those who prefer to travel autonomously and off the beaten paths know how inspiring trip-related tips from the online community are. Apart from the fact that it is hard sometimes to get necessary details, most of us (me as well) more and more stand back from carrying hardcopy travel guides – what makes the www the exclusive and preferred source of information.

Also for you, dear globetrotters, is this website – as on my tour details page I publish massed hard facts and figures related to my/our journeys. Depending on the tour type it may involve route plannings, prices, tips for accommodation and other specific information. And I guess this particular information is what distinguishes sauerkraut adventures from other travel blogs.

But as a main intention sauerkraut adventures is to be my tribute to the beauty and diversity of this planet. To all its wonderful people that have crossed my paths and guided and inspired me, touched me deeply occasionally. This all and you all are my motivation to keep on traveling.

Enjoy reading, get inspired! There is a whole world out there, so stop not traveling!

Love & Peace!

Yours, Yve


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